NYC officials pushing for Diwali to become school holiday

Diwali is one step closer to being recognized as a school holiday in New York City.
Elected officials say it's an important holiday because Diwali celebrates the triumph of good over evil. Kensington, which is really just a small portion of the over 200,000 Hindui, Buddihst, Sikh and Jain New Yorkers, celebrate the holiday.
Out of the 180 mandatory days on the school calendar, Diwali would replace Brooklyn Queens Day, also known as Anniversary Day. The holiday, is celebrated around the same time as the Hindui New Year, usually falls on days between October and November.
Also known as the Festival of Lights, officials believe the celebration of Diwali will help students acknowledge the Hindu principles of harmony, joy and victory.
Mayor Eric Adams says that he hopes city council passes this in the next legislative session so that students throughout New York City can celebrate Diwali during the next school year.