NYC officials weigh the future of outdoor dining for 2024

City officials are asking for input from restaurants and community groups on the future of outdoor dining.
This comes as the mayor and Department of Transportation released the first set of proposed rules for over 1,300 eateries across the five boroughs.
The proposed changes say that outdoor dining structures will no longer be allowed to be fully enclosed, and setups will need to maintain specific distances to make sure areas are safe and accessible for all.
Officials say these proposals are needed to help facilitate traffic and keep areas clear in case of an emergency. They're also aimed at designing a lighter weight outdoor dining experience as opposed to the one that began during the COVID-19 pandemic.
"We all should be given an equal chance to succeed and also we should have the same rules. You go on one side of the city, there’s different rules there and you go on the other side.. different rules there," said Kevin Graham, owner of Kokomo. "I think it's confusing."
There is a public comment period that will be followed by a public hearing next month before these rules are officially adopted. Restaurants will have a 30-day window to be in compliance of any new rules.