NYC Parks Department closes city beaches due to effects of Hurricane Dorian

As New York City begins to feel the effects of Hurricane Dorian, city officials are taking precautions to keep residents safe.
The city's Parks Department has announced that the final beach weekend has been cut short as all beaches will be closed Friday and Saturday due to dangerous rip currents churned up by Dorian off the East Coast.
This means no one will be allowed to swim or surf over the next two days.
The National Weather Service predicts waves of up to 10 feet due to the impact of Hurricane Dorian.
City officials tell News 12 that park lifeguards and enforcement staff are going to be out along the coastline to enforce the swimming and surfing ban.
Parks Department Commissioner Mitchell Silver is asking New Yorkers to take the closures seriously and to understand that swimming during harsh conditions can be threatening.
New York is not expected to be hit by the hurricane directly, but city officials are taking those precautions to make sure no one gets hurt as they prepare for the dangerous rip currents.
Those still hoping to swim can visit the city's 53 outdoor public pools and 650 spray shower that will be open all weekend.
The beaches will reopen on Sunday.