NYC remote students can opt in to blended learning starting today

Families who have children still learning remotely can now opt in to begin blended learning starting today.
To make the change, families need to fill out the learning preference form online on the Department of Education's website or they can opt in by calling 311.
Children who return back to the classroom must wear a mask and consent to random COVID-19 testing.
Once the change is made, students in grades 3K to 5th grade will return to school in April. Dates to return to the classroom for remote students in grades 6 through 12 have not been set yet.
Parents can also change back from blended learning to full remote at any time. The deadline to make the change is April 7.
Mayor Bill de Blasio and Schools Chancellor Meisha Porter announced this morning that 3-K would be expanded to all New York City school districts this September and will be free.