NYC schools chancellor prepares for thousands more asylum-seeking students this year

New York City Department of Education Chancellor David Banks and Deputy Mayor Anne Williams-Isom said today at City Hall that every child has the right to a good education. 
The city officials took held a news conference to say that they're doing everything possible to make sure every student has a chance to flourish and grow, including the asylum-seeking students entering New York City public schools.
Banks says approximately 19,000 students in temporary housing enrolled in the city's public schools since July of last year. He says they're expecting thousands more to enroll during this school year.
He says the city has added 3,400 English as a new language licensed teachers and more than 1,700 bilingual teachers who are fluent in Spanish. Banks says they are ready to help translate for students and parents.
Banks says an additional $110 million will be given to schools this year to help will the influx of new students. He says schools will receive money based on the number of students they enroll who are in temporary housing, to make sure they have the adequate resources. 
City officials said students will be welcomed with open arms and that the focus remains on education, well-being and holistic development for every student. They're also calling on additional help and resources from the state and federal governments.