NYC Veterans Alliance celebrate 243rd anniversary of the Battle of Brooklyn

Dozens of veterans, military service members and others marched across the borough Sunday to celebrate the 243rd anniversary of the Battle of Brooklyn.
Marchers with NYC Veterans Alliance started their journey at 7 a.m. in Bay Ridge to remember a historic battle that took place in the borough on Aug. 27, 1776. They walked exactly 17.76 miles making stops along veteran posts across Brooklyn.
The Battle of Brooklyn was the largest battle of the American Revolution and was the first battle waged after the signing of the Declaration of Independence.
"I spent nine years in the military and after being injured in Afghanistan I was medically retired," said one marcher. "But being part of this event threw me back into that leadership. I didn't tell people what to do but I educated them to help bring a better tomorrow."
The event ended at the Brooklyn War Memorial, which has been closed for decades. Marchers placed a wreath on the west side of the memorial.
They say they hope it gets restored and reopened to the public soon.