NYCHA resident says complaints about apartment water damage have gone unanswered

A NYCHA resident in East New York says he has made complaints for months about the water damage in his apartment to no avail.
Shelton Herbert, 60, says his flooding dates back to October, and it damaged the place he has lived in for over 20 years.
Herbert was placed in a temporary apartment last month, but he says water has still been pouring into his place and destroying many of his possessions.
He says he has been waiting for NYCHA to fix the plumbing issues, but the problem keeps getting worse.
Neighbors say the water has created a never-ending flood and a sewage odor - and is also attracting critters
News 12 reached out to NYCHA and it sent the following response: "NYCHA staff is aware of the flooding issues and is working toward repairs. Development staff visited the resident in 1c today and found the apartment in good condition."