NYCHA residents joined by mayor as they make history for their housing future

Dozens of New York City Housing Authority residents in Sheepshead Bay made history on Tuesday, becoming the first tenants to vote on what happens next with their building.  
The tenants were joined by Mayor Eric Adams and other elected officials for this groundbreaking moment as they cast their ballots on things such as new appliances, better security and a full-blown makeover.  
Residents at the Nostrand Houses have 10 days left to decide on what their future homes will look like. The complex is home to over 2,000 tenants. 
The tenants have three options. Option one is to remain in Section 9 housing, keeping their current housing as is. Options two and three would both convert the Section 9 housing into Section 8 housing.  
The second option gives the tenants the opportunity to chose the Permanent Affordability Commitment Together program, which would move the building under the supervision of a private development team and private property management. 
The third and final option would rely on the Public Housing Preservation Trust and keep the building under NYCHA control but would allow residents to have permanent affordable rent.  
These new options are all part of a joint effort that will focus on giving residents new bathrooms, kitchens, better heating, elevators, and much more.  
NYCHA residents have until Dec. 8 to vote and are expected to receive the results before the new year.