NYCHA tenants: No gas at Howard Houses for 5 months

A handful of NYCHA tenants in the Howard Houses have been dealing with no gas for the past five months.
NYCHA officials say they are working to restore service as quickly as possible, but have not given an exact time frame. They say it's a matter of public safety, which is why the process has taken even longer.
Residents say they haven't been able to use their stovetops since March, creating a huge burden for them. NYCHA has said one building in the Howard Houses has been affected by this outage, but News 12 spoke with a handful of residents that say it's multiple buildings without gas.
According to NYCHA, the gas outage only has affected cooking and is unrelated to hot water and heat. NYCHA was able to give their residents hot plates to plug in and use as a temporary fix, but residents say the single plate is not helpful, forcing many to either go and purchase their own utilities or eat out.
NYCHA says the restoration process involves multiple steps and inspections, but they are working as quickly as possible to resolve the problem.