NYC’s oldest butcher struggling to stay open after making repairs to store

New York’s oldest butcher shop, Staubitz Market, is struggling to keep its doors open after it was forced to make major repairs to its façade.  
John McFadden Jr., owner of Staubitz Market, has spent most of his life behind the butcher’s counter. His father, John McFadden Sr., took over the business in the late-1960s, but the store has been around since 1917.  
“I was born and bred for this job,” said McFadden Jr. “I really want to keep the legacy of Staubitz alive, and of my father as well because he put more than 60 years of his blood, sweat and tears into this business.” 
McFadden Jr. took over the business after his father passed last October, and with that he inherited many of the challenges that come with a century-old shop. On top of a slowing demand and skyrocketing food prices, the city’s Department of Buildings issued an emergency order to replace the crumbling façade and inner walls that hold the storefront up. 
“I was told it’d be a minimum of $125,000,” said McFadden Jr. “I really was at an impasse… I’ve been doing this since I’m 11, it’s the only job I’ve ever had.” 
One client convinced the business owner to open up a GoFundMe page, and within a few days, support poured in from many long-time customers, members of the community, and even local elected officials.  
McFadden Jr. says the DOB wants the work to be done within the next few months, and that he plans on doing everything possible to stay open.