NYC's School Safety Coalition to hold town meeting today in wake of firearms found at local schools

The New York City School Safety Coalition will host a town hall meeting today to discuss how to keep firearms out of schools.
After a loaded revolver was found at the Medgar Evars High School, frustrated parents and community members are expected to voice their frustration in the meeting. The latest finding at the high school involved a 17-year-old who snuck the loaded gun onto campus inside his backpack. School safety agents found the gun and he was taken into custody.
On Oct. 19, the loaded gun was brought to JFK High School in the Bronx. Police say a 16-year-old boy hid it in his backpack, but school safety agents spotted it during a metal detection scan.
The New York City School Safety Coalition says just two days ago, a nine-millimeter gun was found at Long Island City High School in Queens, saying this finding added to the tally of guns found in schools -- making it five guns found in less than two weeks.
This is all happening on the heels of New York City school budget cuts, which eliminated over 500 school safety agents.
The town hall is expected to happen at 7 p.m.