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NYC’s writers join nationwide strike

Writers say protections for their employment have been eroded due to the new side of television – streaming platforms and short series.

News 12 Staff

May 5, 2023, 12:34 AM

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Strikes are occurring across the United States as members of the Writers Guild of America fight for fairer contracts, including New York’s writers. 
New York City writers picketed outside of Seret Studio in Greenpoint to stand in solidarity with the nationwide strike and demand a more equal slice of the industry pie.  
Writers say protections for their employment have been eroded due to the new side of television, including streaming platforms and short series. Writers are getting shorter gigs – leading to fewer hours and less pay.  
“We’re just out here fighting for a fair wage, a fair share of the enormous corporate profits we help generate to help keep writing a sustainable and stable profession,” said Josh Gondelman, a television comedy writer. 
Shows like "The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon" and "Last Week Tonight with John Oliver" have halted the release of new episodes due to the strikes. While these late-night shows have been the first to stop production, other shows may soon follow.  
While many believe the issue is mostly related to those in Hollywood, Assembly Member Emily Gallagher says that the impact is being felt in New York City.  
“The film industry is one of our main major bread winners,” said Gallagher. “I want to see a really healthy workplace in the film industry… I want to see New York writers writing and producing New York media.” 
Studios like Broadway Stages, which produces "Law and Order" shows, and Steiner Studios, which produces shows like "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel," are all feeling the brunt. But writers are keen on standing their ground to ensure they get proper protections and secure and fair employment.  
“It is a risk… you got to risk it for long term gain, and that’s what we’re doing,” said late night comedy writer Liz Hynes.

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