NYPD Asian Hate Crimes Task Force steps up efforts in fight against violence

The NYPD Asian Hate Crimes Task Force on Thursday announced new initiatives it has put into place to help in the fight against violence on the Asian community.
The NYPD created its task force last year after seeing an increase in hate crimes.
In recent weeks, the NYPD says it stepped up patrols in Asian neighborhoods, including in lower Manhattan, Queens and Sunset Park.
Authorities say many hate crimes against Asian people have been fueled by fear of COVID-19.
NYPD Chief of Detectives Rodney Harrison said the NYPD held meetings in neighborhoods with large Asian communities and will continue to do so. He says these meetings aim to answer questions that residents may have as well as to listen to the concerns of the community.
Deputy Inspector Jessica Corey says officers will hand out pamphlets in Asian communities in various languages to inform them about how to stay safe.
She adds that anyone who calls 911 and doesn't speak English can say what language they do speak. Then, they will be connected to an operator who speaks their language.
Corey says operators have access to translators that speak more than 200 languages.
The NYPD announced that plainclothes detectives will be assigned to work undercover in certain neighborhoods to monitor for hate crimes. They say all these detectives will be Asian. They will hit the streets before this weekend.
While 26 hate crime incidents have been reported so far in New York City this year, authorities say they believe it may be happening more often than it is reported.