NYPD brings fun to local deaf students

The NYPD Community Affairs Unit brought plenty of enjoyment to students at St. Joseph’s School for the Deaf on Thursday.  
The unit brought with them plenty to give the kids an experience, even landing a helicopter right in their backyard. The NYPD says this is part of an effort to have more kids meet the men and women of the force.  
One of approximately 10 officers throughout the city who is fluent in sign language was on hand for the event, communicating with the hard of hearing students at the school.  
“We want to build relationships with all communities, and I think the disability community doesn’t really get to see police every day,” said one officer.  
School officials say that they’ve done previous events with the NYPD, but that Thursday’s event was the first-of-its-kind when it comes to helping these students get up close and personal with the officers and what they do.