NYPD chief: Abandon high-speed car chases if public, other officers are at risk

NYPD Chief Jeffrey Maddrey sent out an internal memo to his members saying to abandon high-speed car chases if they put the public at risk.
Maddrey said in his note that "a vehicle pursuit must be terminated whenever the risks to members of the service and the public outweigh the danger to the community if the suspect is not immediately apprehended."
The NYPD's current pursuit policy requires officers to make a judgment call based on several factors before starting a chase. The first is the nature of the offense and if the crime is worth the danger of the pursuit. The time of day and weather conditions are also mandatory factors. Next, population density and location need to be considered. If there are too many people in an area, the chase could be called off.
Officers also have to determine if they know the area well enough that they can safely speed through it during the uncertainties of a pursuit.