NYPD holds Mexican pride event to inspire kids in community

A special event was held in Bushwick Sunday afternoon to encourage young Mexican people to join the NYPD.
The event comes as part of an effort by the NYPD to diversify its force.
Kids in attendance were encouraged to “Drink a Jarrito with an NYPD Mexican officer” and make a connection that could inspire their future.
Organizers say they hope to increase the number of Mexican officers in the NYPD – which they say make up only 1 percent of the total force, even though more than 13 percent of the city’s population is Mexican. They say that they hope fun bonding experiences in the community for police officers and children of Mexican descent will change that over time.
“We're here to celebrate our Mexican culture but also to expose ourselves as being part of the police department, one of the greatest police departments in the world,” said Officer Carlos Ramos. “But also to send a positive message to our youth that - not to feel intimidated - but they're also welcome in the New York City Police Department.”