NYPD: Man touches teen girl on B46 bus, follows her for 3 blocks in East Flatbush

Police say a man is wanted for inappropriately and repeatedly touching a teenage girl on a B46 bus.
Police say the terrifying ordeal began in Bed-Stuy, but when she got off the bus in East Flatbush he continued to follow her for three blocks before she could get away.
Video shows the man police are searching for in connection to what happened.
It began when she boarded the B46 bus around 8 a.m. on Oct. 18 at the Fulton Street and Utica Avenue bus stop and ended on East New York and Utica avenues.
Investigators say he grabbed the 15-year-old inappropriately and rubbed his midsection on her.
Police say when she got off the bus he followed her for three blocks before she was able to get away and call police.
Anyone with information is asked to call police.