NYPD: Multiple people stabbed on boat at Pier 4 in Sunset Park

Detectives say they responded to a 911 call shortly after 5 p.m.

Roberto Torres

Apr 20, 2024, 11:19 PM

Updated 39 days ago


NYPD detectives say multiple people were stabbed on a boat late Saturday afternoon at Pier 4 in Sunset Park.
Authorities say officers responded to a 911 call shortly after 5 p.m.
Witnesses say someone smashed a bottle and started a physical fight to rush people off the boat, which escalated to multiple people getting stabbed with a knife.
Police say responding officers found a 32-year-old man and a 40-year-old man both with stab wounds to their torsos, and a 28-year-old man with a head injury.
The 28-year-old said he was hit in the head with a bottle, according to detectives.
All three victims were taken to the hospital and are expected to recover.
Police say one arrest was made as of Saturday night.

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