NYPD: 'No change' in marijuana policy for officers after legal memo

The NYPD issued a statement Wednesday stating that it is not changing its policy for marijuana use for uniformed members - despite the receipt of a legal memo from the New York City  Law Department.
"The NYPD has received a legal memorandum from the City’s Law Department regarding the implementation of the Marijuana and Taxation Act (MARTA) in New York State law," part of the statement reads.  "We are in consultation with the Law Department over conflicts with the new state law and pre-existing federal law."
The statement goes on to say that there will be no change in its policy.
The Law Department also issued a statement saying, “The City is reviewing existing marijuana testing practices in light of changes to New York State law.  With respect to the NYPD, that process is currently ongoing, but nothing has changed at this point.  Communications between the Law Department and City agencies are confidential and therefore we will not be commenting further.”