NYPD: Off-duty corrections officer, 2 others injured Sunday night in Queens Village shooting

The NYPD said an off-duty corrections officer, as well as two other people, were injured Sunday night in a shooting in Queens.
Police say it happened around 8 p.m. in the Queens Village neighborhood at Jamaica Avenue and 214th Place.
According to police, a crowd was gathering when a man took out a gun and aimed it at the crowd. That's when an off-duty corrections officer took out his own gun and fired at the man.
Police say the man was struck in his torso, and the officer was shot in his leg. They were both taken to hospitals.
The NYPD says the 23-year-old is known to police, and had two priors related to firearms. New York City Mayor Eric Adams describing a pattern that's plaguing the city.
"I visited the officer in the hospital, he's a hero," says Adams. "Taking proper action while off-duty is one of the most difficult things to do, and we are happy that he's not experiencing any life-threatening injuries. It is unimaginable that someone awaiting sentencing for a gun that he admitted having is now out six months waiting to serve his time for a gun that he had in a robbery."
Police also say a third person was brought to the hospital with gunshot-related injuries.
The motive behind the shooting is unknown at this time.