NYPD officer, wife accused of pretending to be deceased mother to collect money

An NYPD officer from Brooklyn is facing a slew of charges for allegedly pretending to be his deceased mother in order to collect her benefits.
Edward St. Hill was at Kings County Supreme Court Tuesday, facing charges including grand larceny, identity theft, forgery, money laundering, defrauding the government and consipracy. His wife Maria Ramos is also facing the charges.
Officials say the couple was part of an intricate scheme in which they pretended to be Hill's mother, who died in 2016.
Police say the couple went as far as to have the deceased mother's prescriptions refilled as a way to trick people into thinking she was still alive.
The Brooklyn District Attorney's Office says Hill collected hundreds of thousands of dollars in his mother's name. They say he sold her house and tried to steal her life insurance benefits.