NYPD offers behind-the-scenes look at parade preps

As Eastern Parkway starts to transform into a party-like atmosphere for the West Indian American Day Parade, hundreds of NYPD officers are working hard to make sure nothing goes wrong.
Barricades that line Eastern Parkway are just one of the many layers of security each year, as well as hundreds of light towers and thousands of extra officers.
Deputy Inspector Frank DiGiacomo, from the NYPD Counterterrorism unit spoke exclusively to News 12 about the unit's role in this year's parade.
Some of their efforts include K-9 officers but they will also have officers on rooftops and helicopters in the air.
"We have a lot of technology that you're not going to see," says DiGiacomo. "We have our radiation cars. Our mobile detection cars we have plainclothes officers who are just basically there to scan the crowd and look for the person who's suspicious."
He says this parade is the biggest in Brooklyn, but one of the many parades and events citywide they prepare for every single day.
DiGiacomo says it's important for to also keep an eye out for anything out of the ordinary.
"You just gotta keep ears and eyes open if you see something let us know, say something," he says.