NYPD recommends new safety measures to deter thefts and robberies

The NYPD is asking businesses to be proactive in discouraging thefts and robberies in their stores by urging customers to lower their face masks before entering stores. 
This comes as NYPD Chief of Department Jeffrey Maddrey suggested that removing masks should be a condition to enter a local business on Tuesday.
NYPD officials say this will help store owners to assist police in describing would-be criminals who are deliberately covering their faces to enter businesses and steal.  
Local business improvement district are now discussing this idea with their members.  
“We are really appreciate the NYC police department and all recommendations put forward to the business community in order for small businesses to protect their work and employees,” said Camelia Tepelus, executive director of the Morris Park Business Improvement District.  
Some businesses say they’re already taking measures to prevent theft, including restricting face coverings altogether and having employees buzz customers into their stores.  
The president of The United Bodegas of America, Radhames Rodgriguez, likes the idea from the NYPD but has some reservations.  
“Personally, I'm not going to ask no one that I don't know to take their masks off, absolutely not,” said Rodgriguez. 
The NYPD urges store owners to not put themselves in harm’s way by getting into an altercation with a customer who does not want to comply.