NYPD: Slew of weapons discovered on Fordham middle school student

Police say a slew of weapons was found Thursday morning on a student at a middle school in Fordham.
The teen was taken into police custody following the discovery at M.S. 363.
Police say a 13-year-old boy showed up the school with a gun. Sources added he also had bullets, a knife and more.
The New York City Department of Education said an "attentive and brave" student said something to school staff and helped school safety agents safely recover the revolver.
Sources say agents found a .22-caliber bullets, alongside a knife and gel blaster.
A letter was sent home to parents explaining that a weapon was found. Students and staff stayed inside the school and followed all safety precautions while the NYPD investigated, according to the DOE.
The New York City School Safety Coalition, a group of parents pushing for safer schools, tracks the weapons found on students.
Founder Mona Davids said at this rate, New York City schools could break the record set last year for confiscated weapons.
"I was not surprised. This is firearm No. 9. We're very quickly catching up to the same number this time last year, but even more alarming is that this school is understaffed. They only have two school safety agents there for over a thousand students, but they should have three school safety agents," Davids said.
The city is in the process of hiring more school safety agents to make up for the shortfall.
As of Thursday night, police said the 13-year-old was in custody. Officers did not release his name because he's a minor and his charges were pending.