NYPD holds memorial, prayer service on 1-year anniversary of officers' death

The NYPD held a memorial and prayer service Wednesday in Brighton Beach for the death of former officer Adeed Fayaz. Fayaz was fatally shot in the head in East New York one year ago today. Police say he was off-duty responding to a Facebook Marketplace ad to purchase a used car.
Mehran Fayaz, Adeed's uncle and a fellow member of the NYPD, says he remembers Adeed as a hero - the same way that Police Benevolent Association President Patrick Hendry and countless others do too. "He saw his brother in danger and he put himself at risk to save him," said Hendry. "That's what cops do, and that's what Adeed Fayaz did." Fayaz was a five-year veteran on the force serving the 66th Precinct in Borough Park. His colleagues say he was committed to serving and bettering the neighborhood and that he was set on furthering his NYPD career. "He was really hardworking, he was studying for the sergeant exam," said Det. Rhail Khalid. "He got a really good score, and if he was alive today he would be a sergeant." Police later found 38-year-old Randy Jones at a Rockland County hotel room and charged him with Fayaz's murder. Fayaz's family says that the day is a reminder of their loved one's ultimate sacrifice and that they hope it serves as inspiration to not only fellow officers, but New Yorkers, too.