NYU Langone Health offers pediatric testing for COVID this flu season

As the flu season is upon us, many parents may wonder what they should do when their child may not be feeling their best.
NYU Langone Health is providing parents with peace of mind, offering rapid COVID-19 and health tests at specific locations aiming to keep everyone safe.
“One of them had the sniffles and once he said he had a little sore throat, I said, ‘OK, we're going to call the doctor, we're going to go do what we need to do,’” says April Rose.
April Rose is mom to two young boys, Benjamin and Alexander, who's just trying to keep her family safe.
“You can't wing it, you have to make sure things are right, and I worry about my mother-in-law who's over 65, just to make sure everybody's OK,” says Rose.
The Brooklyn mom didn't waste any time, taking both children, to get tested at NYU Langone Health after showing signs of congestion.
NYU Langone Health offers rapid COVID, flu and strep testing for children, as flu season is in sight, and kids are back in school
“We would encourage every parent to call their doctor, call their pediatrician with whatever symptom, nothing is too small,” says Dr. Rachel Frank, a pediatrician at NYU Langone Health.
With a scheduled appointment, there's no long wait time for results.
“We get the COVID results in 15 minutes, so that is very helpful, both for just that individual family, knowing whether they need to isolate right then,” says Dr. Frank.
For Rose, she says testing can at least help her family stay on track, with safety.
“We want to be able to live life the regular way, but that can only happen if we constantly do this,” says Rose.