Officers in Brooklyn recognized for hard work in chaotic scenarios

Shifts can be completely different for NYPD officers — some are slower paced than others, but then there are very challenging situations.
Several officers were honored Friday as part of the Patrol Borough Brooklyn North Cop Of The Month ceremony.
One of the incidents highlighted was a fatal shooting that happened early in the morning hours of Jouvert. Police say a group of officers were patrolling in Brownsville while in uniforms and in an unmarked car.
They said they saw a man walking with a mask and bookbag. They tried to speak with him but he ran. A neighbor told the officers that he ran into a backyard.
When they tried to walk down the dark alleyway, they say the man started shouting. The officers returned fire and killed the man.
However, they were commended for acting bravely in a very precarious situation. News 12 was not able to speak with the officers involved in this particular incident. However a few others recognized on Friday say it means a lot to them.
Other officers were recognized for incidents in July and August. They say it's good to recognize these officers that deal with stressful situations on a daily basis.
"Thank the officers when they do something great, thank the members of the community when they do something great and I know I don't have the opportunity to thank people enough so when were able to hold this event which we do like two or three times a year it's a great time for me," said NYPD Chief Jeffrey Maddrey.