Olympian figure-skaters open rink in Downtown Brooklyn

Olympian figure-skaters Melissa Gregory and Denis Petukhov opened an ice-skating rink in Downtown Brooklyn.
“There’s something special about skating outdoors in the winter,” Gregory said. “The indoor skating you can go and skate, but something about being in New York City, Downtown Brooklyn, outside in the crisp, cool air..it's just magical." 
Located at the MetroTech Commons, Brooklyn residents can skate daily and participate in programs and lessons taught by Olympians like Gregory and Petukhov. People can bring their own skates or rent them at the rink.
The skaters said that they wanted to bring a little winter enjoyment into the community through their ice-skating rink. And while the rink is here, the skaters told News 12 that a lot went into getting it opened.
“It takes a village to open up a rink here and we have people who actually build the ice, Zamboni the ice, sell the tickets,” Gregory said. “I really hope that people will just have a great experience, be able to come here and have a great time with their families, have a great time with their friends and just get a love for skating.”
The rink opened last week and the season is set to run through March.