Omicron variant causes confusion for people planning international trips

The omicron variant is already causing travel restrictions for parts of the world.
Travel experts say there is a high level of concern about the potential fallout from the new variant, even though the travel restrictions do not currently apply to U.S. citizens.
Frommer Guide Books Editorial Director Pauline Frommer says people traveling should get travel insurance.
"There's a type that's called CFAR, which stands for Cancel For Any Reason," Frommer says. "You should still be able to get that type of travel insurance if you have a huge trip coming up, one that is going to take you out of the country."
The travel restrictions also left some Americans trying to get back into the country stranded.
Lauren Kennedy-Brady planned to fly backed to the United States Friday following a safari vacation but ended up back in a hotel room in Johannesburg, South Africa.
"We have spent the last 48 hours booking and rebooking for flights that are continually getting canceled or they are not letting us on because we do not have European passport," Kennedy-Brady says.
Frommer says it's too soon to tell the lasting impact of the variant, but she advises caution and patience.
"There's so much uncertainty right now, if you're thinking of book a trip outside the country, I would wait a week or two," Frommer says.
The travel expert says people can register with the state department so they can contact them if there is an issue or crisis in the area they are visiting.