Only on 12: Exclusive inside look at the Bronx Child Advocacy Center

The gruesome discovery of two dead babies in the Bronx sent shockwaves through the community earlier this week. Now, News 12 is taking an exclusive look at how child abuse cases are investigated before there is a tragic outcome.
The Bronx Child Advocacy Center is where child abuse allegations are investigated. Danielle Pascale, the Bronx district attorney’s deputy chief of Child Abuse and Sex Crimes, says conversations between a child and a forensic interviewer are recorded at the location.
"There's also a live feed that goes to the observation room so that everyone who is in the room can see what's happening in the interview room in real-time,” said Pascale.
The team of observers then decide the next steps in each of the cases. News 12’s Anthony Carlo takes us through an exclusive tour of the facility.