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Open-heart surgery survivor gives back to 'healing angel' nurses with positive messages, PPE donations

A New Jersey man is giving back to the very people who healed him.

News 12 Staff

Jul 29, 2021, 12:46 AM

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A New Jersey man is giving back to the very people who healed him.
Bansi Lakhani is the founder and creative spark behind the New Jersey-based company Healing Hands.
Lakhani is giving away thousands of medical scrubs and millions of dollars' worth of personal protective equipment to health care workers. He started Healing Hands back in 2009 in an effort to make sure the “angels” who healed him never go without. 
“I say they are the true healing angels, and they saved my life,” says Lakhani. 
Lakhani was 43 when he suffered a major heart attack that put him in the ICU. He was told he needed open-heart surgery to survive. 
While doctors said the odds were slim, he survived.
Doctors told Lakhani they don’t know how he survived, but he pushed through.
Lakhani knew how he survived -- he says it was the nurses, or as he refers to them, his "healing angels."
“I was full of gratitude, and I was thinking, what can I do for them? I wanted to do something for them,” says Lakhani.
In 2008, he founded Healing Hands in East Rutherford, New Jersey. 
By 2020, he had donated over 30,000 scrubs and millions of pieces of PPE to health care workers in need.
While they are New Jersey-based, they ship donations anywhere there is a health care worker in need.
Every garment has a positive affirmation printed on the inside -- each one personally thought up by Lakhani himself.
Lakhani’s son joined the company when he saw the impact of his father’s good deeds.
The two are currently funding the education of four future nurses from Lakhani’s home continent of India. 
They say it all boils down to karma, suggesting that your actions now will affect you later. 
The business partners are dedicated to keeping things on a positive note. 
Lakhani says that every day he wakes up, he gives thanks to his “healing angels."

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