Orange County superintendent resigns amidst controversy

An openly gay superintendent in Orange County has resigned following alleged backlash over his sexual orientation and a series of social media posts.
Florida Union School Superintendent Larry Leaven resigned Nov. 1.
A Facebook group called Mom’s For Liberty is taking credit and referencing a controversial book about gender identity, called "Gender Queer."
Leaven’s supporters say the memoir was made available to students by the previous administration before Leaven was hired.
Parents who support the outgoing superintendent say the group bullied Leaven since he was hired because of his sexual orientation and singled out tweets he allegedly made about a book on white supremacy.
“I’m very upset by it, and I’m frightened for anyone who’s gay in the school," said Caroline Hanna. "Anyone who’s part of the LGBTQ+ community because they now feel like they’re targeted. They feel they’re not wanted and that’s not right. The school should be inclusive for all students.”
Leaven remains on the job until the end of the month and issued a statement saying, “During my time in Florida, I have had the opportunity to work with strong leadership and teacher colleagues, inquisitive students, and many supportive parents.”
The Board of Education declined to comment on the resignation or who will take his place.
News 12 reached out to Moms For Liberty but haven't heard back. 
A district Board of Education meeting Nov. 17 is expected to draw large crowds.