Organization installs community fridge in Crown Heights to combat food insecurity in Brooklyn

In an effort to fight food insecurity for low-income communities in Brooklyn, a volunteer organization installed a community fridge in Crown Heights.
The colorful fridge sits outside of the Brooklyn Combine on Rogers Avenue. Anyone can take food items, including fruits, vegetables and dairy products.
It’s the first community fridge installed by Brooklyn for Black Lives. The group of volunteers say they installed the fridge to help underserved  communities sin Brooklyn because they know what it’s like to come from low-income neighborhoods.
The fridge, food and the upkeep of the fridge is made possible through donations from the group’s GoFundMe.
Research from the Food Bank for New York City shows that food insecurity is the highest in Brooklyn at 17%.
While it may be the first fridge for the organization, it certainly won’t be the last. The group says they have plans to install a fridge in Brownsville next month and another in Flatbush after that.
They say their goal is to reach every underserved community in Brooklyn.