ParCare Community Health Network under criminal investigation for Moderna vaccine distribution

ParCare Community Health Network is now under criminal investigation regarding distribution of the Moderna vaccine. However, ParCare tells News 12 they obtained everything legally. 
“If you violate the law on these vaccinations, we will find out and you will be prosecuted,” said Gov. Andrew Cuomo. 
Cuomo stated this response after reports that the health network, which has four facilities in Brooklyn, fraudulently obtained the Moderna vaccine. 
ParCare tells News 12 it received the vaccines legally and provided a packing slip from a distribution center working with the federal government. 
The documentation provided by ParCare confirms the shipment of 2,300 vaccine doses. 
ParCare also shared an email from the Department of Health saying that the doses it received were submitted to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and finalized. 
ParCare tells News 12 it administered 869 doses of the vaccine and that it was distributed to four facilities--three in Brooklyn and one in Orange County. 
New York state Health Commissioner Howard Zucker says the state was misled and that ParCare was not qualified to receive the doses.
“We provided them with the vaccine because they fraudulently filled out a form that said they were a qualified health center,” said Zucker. 
Zucker also says ParCare, “moved it from one area to another, which was inappropriate.”
The selective list to get the vaccine includes front-line health care workers, residents in nursing homes and their staffers. 
Now, ParCare could be facing up to a $1 million fine and license revocation of all New York state licenses if it is found guilty of vaccine fraud, according to Gov. Cuomo’s new executive order. 
ParCare says it returned the remainder of the Moderna vaccine to the state and is actively cooperating with the state of New York’s requests.