Parents looking to raise funds to treat 2 toddlers with degenerative disease

A mother and father are looking to raise funds to help find a treatment that could help their two toddlers.
Just two years ago, Jennie and Gary Landsman found out that their children, Benny and Josh, have Canavan disease. Josh was less than a month old, and Benny was just over 1 year old.
Canavan is a degenerative disease that affects the brain, causing children to be unable to walk, talk or build motor skills. The family dove into finding answers that could help treat the incurable disease, and that's when they came across a researcher who had success with gene therapy.
The Landsmans have both met one-on-one with the FDA, which is allowing their kids and six others to take part in an experimental treatment option. But that comes with a $2.5 million price tag.
The parents have already raised $1.5 million, but a large portion of that has gone to lab tests and research. Now the family is trying to raise an additional $2 million.
The family's first payment is due at the end of September, for the production of the treatment.