Parents, teachers call for schools to remain closed until safe during pandemic

Parents and teachers are calling for schools to stay closed until they’re safe to reopen during the coronavirus pandemic. 
People voiced their concerns and gathered outside the United Federation of Teachers in Manhattan on Monday. 
This comes as part of the National Day of Resistance. 
They say they understand that kids need to be back in the classroom, but that it’s simply not safe to do so right now.
Parents and teachers say a number of things need to be in place before children can return. Some of their requirements include no new COVID cases for two weeks, the use of consistent rapid testing, and steady financial help from the government for working parents and guardians.
Right now, Mayor Bill de Blasio is calling for a mix of in-person and remote learning, while Gov. Andrew Cuomo says regardless of the city’s plan, parents need to feel comfortable sending their children to school. 
In order to feel comfortable, he says parents want to be included in the decision process. 
News 12 also reached out to the Department of Education and has not heard back yet.