Park Slope crossing guard celebrates 90th birthday and 45 years on the job

A New York City employee received special acknowledgement on Monday for all of her hard work and dedication to helping the kids in her neighborhood.
Maggie Poston, who turned 90 years old on Sunday, celebrated 45 years on the job as a crossing guard in Park Slope, helping the kids of P.S. 282 safely cross the street since 1978.
The longstanding crossing guard and was surprised at her post with flowers to celebrate her service and 90th birthday.
"The love of God he's with me, he takes care of me,” said Poston when asked about how she’s still doing her job after all of these years. “He wakes me up on time, Id on;t even need a clock!"
Assistant Principal Katerina Sidbbury says that Poston is a key player at the school, saying she has done lots to keep her students safe.