Parkchester boasts rich past, promising future

Safe streets and a rich history are just a couple of things that Parkchester residents say make their community great.
Parkchester is a condominium that was originally developed and owned by the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company in the 1930s. The complex housed about 40,000 residents and had a whites-only policy at the time of its completion in the 1940s.
The Parkchester area is now home to a diverse group of racial, ethnic and religious people. The area has grown to encompass several surrounding neighborhoods and has seen an economic boon.
Residents say Parkchester boasts great shopping and wonderful places to eat, like the Circle Pizza Restaurant.
However, many residents say they are most proud of their beautifully landscaped streets and art deco attractions, such as a large fountain that was built in the 1930s. Community members say they can't imagine living anywhere else and believe the future is bright for Parkchester.