Parkchester Terracotta sculptures disappearing after uptick in construction

With a recent uptick in construction, outdoor sculptures around Parkchester are slowly disappearing after more than 80 years. Now, residents and one local historian are trying to change that. 
Hundreds of Terracotta figures have been watching over Parkchester since World War II. 
John Wurmser says he has lived in the Parkchester community for almost half a century and has noticed that the sculptures are disappearing. 
With recent construction, some statues have been left in pieces.
“We want to go forward, not backward. We want the place to continue to look very nice,” said Wurmser. 
Historian Sharon Pandolfo-Perez says she’s on the same mission. She has documented the statues for years in her blog, The Parkchester Project. 
“It's fun, I enjoy it, I love history, it's a real big passion for me,” said Pandolfo-Perez. 
Pandolfo-Perez says some of the statues were made by a handful of artists and inspired her to get into the art field, hoping she could also be an inspiration for others. 
Community groups and residents are now fighting for these statues and say they’re a part of the Bronx. Wurmser says it wouldn’t be the same without them.