Patients at Bushwick clinic have option to keep records

Patients of a Bushwick health clinic that is set to close have a new option to obtain their medical records.
The St. Francis of Assisi Family Health Center, located at 333 Knickerbocker Ave., is scheduled to close at the end of June. Patients worry their files will get lost in the shuffle or end up locked away somewhere inaccessible.
Patients who came to the clinic Thursday received a list of doctors. Administrators say if patients choose doctors from the list, their records will be forwarded accordingly.
While many say it's a good option, they are upset that they received little notice about the closure. Some patients told News 12 Brooklyn they only learned about the decision Thursday after arriving for an appointment.
Patients complain they have yet to receive formal letters about the closure, which the owner of the clinic promised to send out.
Clinic owner Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center has not returned calls for comment.
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