Penn Wortman Houses could become part of Section 8 buildings, residents express concern

The Penn Wortman Houses in East New York may soon become Section 8 buildings run by a private developer. 
This will happen if they switch from Section 9 to Section 8 buildings. This means a landlord would be able to take over and charge rent to low-income tenants who qualify. 
Residents say they are blindsided after they say conversations were ongoing between NYCHA and the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Rental Assistance Demonstration program (RAD), to convert the Penn Wortman Houses to Section 8. 
NYCHA would be able to tap into additional private funding that isn’t accessible under Section 9 housing but is available under Section 8. 
News 12’s Mary-Lyn Buckley met with current residents who have lived in the Penn Wortman Houses for decades and why they say they are concerned they’re at risk of losing their subsidies.