People flock to La Pera Brothers to pick out their perfect Thanksgiving turkey

Only one day left until Thanksgiving, and the hunt for the perfect bird is underway.
Hundreds of people come back year after year to one spot in the borough to hand select the turkey that's just right for their Thanksgiving table.
Mimoza Ndrezi has been coming to La Pera Brothers for 10 years.
"I like it here because the turkeys are fresh and we enjoy [it]," says Ndrezi.

She's not the only one.The manager at La Pera, Carlo Formisano, says typically they sell about 10 turkeys a week, but this week, they're expecting to sell between 800 and 1,000 birds.
He says so many people come here to get the best.

"No antibiotics, no growth hormones, it's fresh, no preservatives put on it, it's not in a freezer, not in the refrigerator," says Formisano. "It's good for our health, of course, to get everything fresh and organic, no chemicals in it."
Formisano says they even prepare the birds so that the chef for the evening can throw them right in the oven.

"Clean everything out, take the feathers out, wash it, put back in the livers and the neck and then it just goes right out," says Formisano.

He says even though this week get very hectic, he loves it.
"To give a product like I'm giving to a person, it makes me feel really good inside," says Formisano.

Many people told News 12 after trying the turkeys at La Pera, they will never go to a grocery store to purchase their Thanksgiving turkeys ever again.