PETA, animal advocates rally outside City Hall after viral video of horse collapse in Midtown

Animal advocates, including PETA, rallied in Manhattan on Thursday after video went viral of a horse collapsing in Midtown Wednesday afternoon.
Officers responded to the scene where the horse named Ryder had collapsed. Officials say the horse was struggling to stay upright and advocates add he was dehydrated and in distress.
After mounted NYPD officers sprayed the horse and gave him water for 45 minutes, Ryder was able to stand and was taken to a private horse stable to receive proper veterinary care.
A bill was introduced last month by Council Member Robert Holden that would replace horse-drawn carriages with electronic carriages in New York City. Advocates are calling to fast track the bill and get it passed.
Meanwhile, the union that represents horse carriage drivers in the city responded saying in part, "He has EPM - a neurological disease caused by possum droppings. Please do not jump to conclusions before knowing the facts or talking to the carriage drivers' union."
No criminality is suspected at this time.