Pfizer CEO: People who received Pfizer shot will likely need 3rd dose

The CEO of Pfizer says that people who got the company's version of the COVID-19 vaccine will likely need a booster shot within a year.
Albert Bourla made the announcement in an interview with CNBC correspondent Bertha Coombs that was filmed two weeks ago and released publicly on Thursday.
"Likely scenarios is there will likely be a need for a third dose somewhere between six and 12 months and then from there, there will be an annual vaccination," says Bourla.
The head of Pfizer also said that an annual shot will likely be needed as well.
Dr. Sharon Nachman, of Stony Brook Medical Center, says the expectation is that the antibody protection lasts about six months.
"We also expect that long term your immune system will trigger a response to the virus when it sees it even a year or two later," says Nachman.
Nachman says she believes that all COVID-19 vaccines will eventually require a third dose or a booster shot.
"A booster dose or the next dose in a vaccine series will help cover for those variants by having you make an immune response to it," says Nachman. "So that in fact those variants will not be infectious to you."
Some have reacted to the news with skepticism, while others feel it is no big deal.