Photographer captures 360-degree virtual reality images of iconic city spots

An empty Wall Street or Times Square are images a Brooklyn photographer says he never imagined he could capture--until now. 
Andrea Fremiotti says he noticed how empty the streets of Brooklyn were and decided to check out the city's most visited sites.
"I went to the World Trade Center, I went to the Wall Street area, I went to the Brooklyn Bridge and a lot of places where you would normally expect to see a lot of people,” said Fremiotti. 
The photographer captured 360-degree virtual reality images of the iconic spots. 
"I shoot in stages and then piece everything together so it has a bit of a selective editorial feel to it so those can take a while longer,” said Fremiotti. 
He says it was strange to witness sheer silence in the city that never sleeps. 
"I heard someone singing to themselves walking down the street and it was just the eeriest thing because you hear them three blocks away,” said Fremiotti. 
He says he’s planning to add to the project once New York reopens.