Photographer's work depicting masked Brooklyn residents published in Vogue

Masks have become a piece of clothing that's synonymous with this time, and one Brooklyn documentarian's work capturing New Yorkers wearing theirs has ended up in Vogue.
Layla Amatullah Barrayn hails from Brownsville, one of the areas hardest hit by COVID-19. She's made it her job to capture her neighbors as they put on a brave face and mask.
She says bandanas, DIY masks and more put a creative New York spin on a global moment.
"Masks that were inspired by the legacy brands that we like ... masks that were lifting off of pop culture motifs that we saw ... then we saw a lot of masks that were reflective of lineage and heritage," she says.
Barrayn's work caught many eyes and made its way into Vogue Magazine.
"Culture has been suppressed and so many different instances you know and to show that it's still here it's still powerful still a force to be reckoned with," Barrayn says.
Barrayn hopes the pieces will help start a conversation about visibility.
"This pandemic is bringing us to a pivotal moment where there's some serious transformation that could happen if we want it to," she says.