Physician: "We may actually get more patients" with NYC universal health care

An emergency room physician expects to see more patients after Mayor Bill de Blasio's universal health care plan goes into effect.
"We may actually get more patients because there are patients that are afraid to get health care because they do not have health insurance," says Dr. Tamara Moise.
Mayor Bill de Blasio's new health care plan unveiled last week aims to provide roughly 600,000 people with access to their own free, primary care physicians.
The $100 million universal initiative will offer care to people whether they are documented citizens or not.
The mayor says the city has a similar universal health insurance policy in place known as Managed Medicaid, that is incorporated with programs like MetroPlus.
Mayor de Blasio says he hopes the new initiative will help enhance pre-existing measures.
The mayor expects to roll out his universal plan within two years starting with the Bronx before moving to the rest of the city.
Former Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum says he wanted to try a similar universal health care system in Tallahassee but chose not to due to fear of over-flooding their health care system.