Physician's assistant offers look into new cosmetic procedure surgery

As cosmetic treatments grow in popularity, News 12 speaks with a physician assistant on some of the new procedures people are using to look younger.

News 12 Staff

Feb 11, 2023, 1:53 AM

Updated 492 days ago


Treatments for things like aging have increased in recent years, and similarly, the technology and procedures behind these surgeries have evolved with them.  
Colette DiPierro says she has performed cosmetic procedures for decades. 
The physician's assistant works at several places, like Clinique des Champs Elysees, a plastic surgery location in New York City.  
She says the procedures and technology have transformed.  
“I can remember just starting with Botox being the thing that was more mainstream,” said DiPierro. “Now, it’s more of these micro treatments that we’re using just to prevent ourselves from having to do something so excessive to the skin.” 
DiPierro says there are several treatments that can preserve a youthful glow, such as hydro-facial – a procedure that is a facial that not only creates exfoliation and cleansing of the skin, but also replenishes and hydrates it.  
Micro-needling has also grown in popularity, and some procedures use radio frequency to stimulate collagen.  
Broadband light lasers are also a newer method, and it targets photodamage that your skin may get over time so that the tones, browns, reds, and sunspots can fade away.  
DePierro says no matter how popular some treatments get, it’s always important to do your research.

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