'Pickups Technologies' works to prevent packages from being stolen

A new invention is allowing people to have more control over the delivery of their packages.
Gabriel Cepeda, 23, says after hearing about New Yorker's packages being stolen, he decided to create 'Pickup Technologies.'
It is Google Chrome extension that allows people to have their packages sent to a neighbor, or someone nearby, who can retrieve their items and hold onto them until they're able to pick them up.
PT works with 150 online retailers and costs shoppers $5.99 per order. The vetted neighbors holding onto the packages get between $3 to $5 for each pickup.
Cepeda says he believes it will keep people's packages safe and unite communities.
While the service is only currently available in Williamsburg and Greenpoint, Cepeda says his team is hoping to expand to the entire borough in the next couple of months.
Cepeda also says it should expand to Manhattan by the summer.