Plan for McGuinness Boulevard’s new look finalized

The city’s Department of Transportation will begin to make changes to McGuinness Boulevard in Greenpoint now that a design has been finalized.  
Greenpoint residents have repeatedly pressured the city to redesign the intersection for the sake of pedestrian safety – and the city has responded.  
Along the boulevard from Meeker Avenue to Calyer Street, there will now be one traffic lane each way and a parking-protected bike lane in each direction. From Calyer Street to the Pulaski Bridge, there will be two traffic lanes from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. along with the protected bike lanes. After those hours, those right lanes will become parking lanes.  
Sources close to the project say they believe some of the interventions will begin before the start of the school year, yet no timeline has been set for the construction of the bike lane.